Saturday, April 24, 2010

It happened again!

I am published!

I am beside myself with joy.

The story is that I sent in 6 cards to Stampers
Sampler November 12, 2009. They published the
first card in the Take 10 issue in February, see story here.

The second time I was published they published
2 cards in 2 different sections of the Stampers
Sampler magazine, see story here.

Now, I just got the Catch Up issue
of Stampers Sampler in the mail. I have 2 cards
in this one as well, but this time they are both on
the same page!!!

(click on Image to enlarge)

Now they still have 1 card of mine,
I wonder what the fate of that card will be?

I'll keep you posted if anything
happens with it.


  1. Congrats Jennifer - I'm not surprised, you do lovely work!

    Ramona :-)

  2. Congrats Jennifer. Lovely work as always. No surprise.

  3. I picked up a copy at Michael's the other day just to see your apron card in it :) SO FAB@@@ Could not happen to a nicer person!!!!! xoxo-sj


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