Monday, February 16, 2009

Finds #2

Thrift store finds
This week my DH dropped me off at the thrift store while he went to a Sportscard Show. Lucky for me! and even more lucky the entire store was 1/2 off for Valentines day. Here are the finds I came home with (I probably would not have bought a lot of these things but at half price, could not pass them up). In the next few days I will add a lot of these items to my Etsy site.

  • Awesome wool felt card table cover for bridge
  • Beige thread (I think a lot of it is vintage)
  • Vintage little girls dress-up white gloves with embroidered flowers
  • Happy Holidays tray (I already have a matching metal covered basket)
  • Huge box of paperclips (they have a unique shape)
  • Unique zipper pin
  • Vintage glass Mt. Rushmore coasters
  • Very odd fully beaded bird wall hanging
  • Funky paper w/envelopes
  • and another wooded hanger for this project

Close-up of the paperclips and zipper pin

Detail of the beaded bird... isn't it beautiful

Awesome 1950's aprons! (mom found a couple for me too)

Vintage needlepoint dog and cat wall hangings, great colors
Kitchen prayer tray (I think I am going to hang this on the wall in my kitchen, so 50's)


  1. Wow, You have a good eye. Bet it was fun! I especially like the beaded bird. Is it hand stitched?

  2. It is hand stitched. Really cool.... don't think i'll be selling him.


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