Thursday, February 12, 2009

Most favorite thing to do

When I make cookies/treats for work, I must make a tag for it. For me it is like making a scrapbook page just for that one day, it will only be seen for a few hours but it makes the presentation more special. I approach the whole process as if I were making a scrapbook page. I decide on a theme and match the paper to the treat I am bringing. It is so fun to go through all of the scrapbooking/altered art items that i've collected for years and find the EXACT thing that would make the tag. I've made so many of these tags that I ended up making a album of just the tags (making sure I take a photo of the ones I give away). My Co-workers make fun, but I know they would not expect anything less coming from me.

My poor husband has been teased for my tag making. At an old job it was the birthday persons job to bring in treats for their own party.... you see where this is going. He bought mini-cupcakes and it just did not look right keeping them in the plastic carton that they come home from the store in. I took them out of the carton, placed them in a nice basket, and make a wonderful tag (poor husband). But it is just those extra touches that make it more special.

Monkey Bread. For a Co-workers birthday I made her Monkey Bread, and this tag.

Easter Tags. I made these tags for my nieces, and attached them to the Easter baskets we gave them.

Shamrock cookies. For St. Patrick's day I made GIANT shamrock cookies for my Co-workers.

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  1. You put a lot of care into everything you do. Very nice!


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