Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fairy Ring

I was out working on the lawn over the weekend, moving some branches from the front yard to the back. I noticed as I was doing that, that the ground next to our large cherry tree was darker that the rest. After I moved the branches to the wood pile I went back to look at the spot I had noticed. And after further inspection I realized that it was a fairy ring. I went inside to get my camera, got on the deck and took this picture.

See, the dark ring of grass.

I went downstairs and looked them up on the computer. After reading about it, I realized that I made a huge mistake and... walked right through it. You are not supposed to walk through a fairy ring, it says to cause bad luck. But if you do, you are supposed to go back, stand in the middle, apologize to the fairies and then make a wish. So that is what I did.

Here is some more info on Fairy Rings the mythical and the scientific.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading about fairy rings. I went to sites that you recommended and I thaought they were very intersting. Thanks for teaching me something new.
    Cindy (tinta)


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