Thursday, June 18, 2009

MN Archivers shoppers!

I was just at the Archivers in Roseville and they have a ton on clearance! They have an entire section with items 25%-75% off. More items than I've ever seen before, and a lot of it is current useful stuff! I will definitely check back next week and see if any of it is marked down more. I'll keep you updated. Check your local Archivers, maybe all of them are marking things down.

I was going to get this set (I've been eying it for a while) yesterday at (they were having a 25% off everything sale). At Archivers it was marked 75% off.... so instead of it being $14.99 it was $3.74!!! yeah!!!

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  1. aww man wish I would of known you were going I would of sent you some money and a list! hahahaha big hugs toodles-


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