Monday, July 6, 2009

What I did on my summer vacation

I got a lot done. I did not go anywhere (except on Wednesday) and my husband had to work. But here's what I accomplished:
-Trimmed the lilac of all the dead branches
-Painted the deck
-Planted my new shade garden (with help of my mom, Thanks Mom!)
-Washed all the windows inside and out
-Washed the ceiling fan in the kitchen
-Cleaned out the linen closet
-Went up to Duluth (for 9 yr. anniversary)
-Listed new items on my Etsy sites
-Put items up for sale on my Blog
-Made Guest Design Team at Pile it on
-Cleaned out the storage room
-Shopped for this months groceries
That's all I can remember. I probably forgot something but, oh well.

We decided that next year for our 10th we are going to Hawaii!!! I can't wait!

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