Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Slider ATC instructions (for my halloween ghost)

Here is how to start:
You need a piece of cardstock that is 3 1/2" tall and 7 3/8" wide. Scored at 2.5 and 5. The last panel you need to cut 1/2 inch off of each end of the height (see picture). I used a pinking shears to cut a little off of the top of mine (to make it look like a bag).

For the ghost you need a piece of cardstock that is 2 1/4" square. You will need to round off the top to make it look like a ghost.

I used my Copics to color the eyes and add shadowing.

For the part you pull, you need a piece of cardstock also 2 1/4" square. The text (or whatever you want to add to this piece) needs to be 1/2 inch from the bottom and no more than 7/8" tall.

To create the part the actually slides, you will need a strip of plastic grocery bag 1" wide and 8" long.

Wrap the piece of plastic around the end of the card that was trimmed, apply a small strip of adhesive (make sure it is ONLY on the plastic).

Stick the other end (just tight enough where it will not slip off, but not TOO tight or else it won't slide) over the glued part.

Trim the excess.

Now we have to line up the ghost. Put him so he comes just to the top of the card. Now put a small amount of glue on the plastic strip where the bottom the ghost will be attached to it. (draw an imaginary line over from the bottom of the ghost to the plastic strip)

Now fold that small panel over on top of the ghost. It should stick to the plastic strip.

Now we have to attach the part the you pull. Line that part up to the bottom of the card, and towards the inside (see picture). Put a small amount of adhesive on the plastic strip, where the card that you pull will hit it.

You can see here where it is actually glued.

Next we need to create the notch, where you are going to pull the slider down.

I used a 1" circle and notched both sides of the card (make sure you DON'T notch more than 1/2").

Putting it all together. Have the shorter panel folded in. You need to run a 1/8" strip of super stick tape along the VERY EDGE of the panel that has the slider plastic on it, and is over the back of the ATC.

(see here)

now close the whole thing up. Make sure the shorter panel is concealed on the inside.

Test your slider ATC... pull the tab and see the ghost "pop-up".

All finished!


  1. You make it look so easy! This does look fun and it is awfully cute. Thanks for sharing Jen!

    Jacque :)

  2. That does look easy. Thanks for the directions.

  3. Wow- I never would have figured it was so simple- thank you so much for sharing- I need to think of a way to use this awesome technique

  4. Your card is amazing Jennifer, you make it look SO easy! Thanks for sharing these wondeful step-by step instructions with us!

    Hugs, Jennifer :)

  5. thanks so much for this tutorial! i just loved it- here is my atc slider:


    i will be hosting swaps from sewmanycards.ning.com -is it ok to use the link to this post as a guideline?



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