Monday, October 19, 2009

Yep...I took the big step!

I decided to unmount my wood stamps. I watched a lot of tutorials on how to do it. Started with my small SU stamps. (felt like I needed to take baby steps). I only did 3 sets on Sunday, and look at the room I already saved. 3 sets = 2 CD cases and about 4" of gained space.

(Sorry about the glare.) Space comparison.

So as I unmount them I put them in a CD case and created a P-Touch label that I put next to the set that says the year, how many are in the set and the name of the set. I just started to label the spines of the CD cases in numerical order Stampin' Up 1, Stampin' Up 2...etc. Then what I decided I am going to do is stamp index cards of the sets in the CD cases. So Stampin' Up 1 will be on a index card, and so on and so fourth. Then keep them all on a ring. That way it will be easy to add to the sets, as well as see what I have. I actually might do this for all my stamps.

How do you guys organize your stamps?

(oh, side note: I microwaved the stamp for 10 seconds-rubber side up, and it just pealed off of the block. There is enough residue left that it stays sticky enough for an acrylic block.)


  1. I have over 600 SU sets, when do you want to start on mine? LOL :)

  2. wow! that is excellent-i didn't even know that you could unmount them! that would save me A LOT of space-i'm definitely going to try that soon-thanks for sharing your bravery :)

    have a great night!


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