Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Brand new custom stamps

They came in a sheet. I had to stamp them on the cling and then cut them apart.

Here are the 2 for gifts. I mounted them and put them in CD cases. I'm just going to wrap the CD cases this way.

A friend recommended this company Tamp-A-Stamp to get custom stamps made. Yes, it is a little expensive, but worth every cent. I received a discount because I filled up an entire 5X7 sheet. I got 8 stamps made, the cost was $65.00 (that was with the discount). I got 2 with my name and blog address for the backs of the cards I make. I also got 2 of my husbands drawings (the referees) and a old drawing. I had some extra room so I made 2 for gifts (the girl and handmade by). I hope Nicole and Pamela don't see this.

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  1. how awesome!! look forward to seeing what you create with them :0)


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