Thursday, January 28, 2010

Copic Storage Before and After


(I had to improvise on my Copic storage using an old VCR tape holder with a cardboard wedge under them to keep them from falling out.
But as you can see not all my stamp pads fit in it anymore. And who doesn't ever buy more stamp pads? Not me! I need room for expansion.)


Love it!
I was on a blog that I frequent and I came upon this great storage made specially for Copics! I don't have that many yet, but now I have room for when my collection grows. But as you can see you can store other things besides the Copics in them. The great things is that the shelves are slightly tilted back so the markers stay in the cubbie.

Please give Tami a visit at Studio 3 Solutions (her husband's the one who's making them, right here in the USA!). And they are really affordable. If you visit, please tell Tami "Hi" for me.


  1. Brilliant! Your storage space is 100% better! Good for you!

  2. Awesome storage! Now you can go shopping again!


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