Thursday, February 4, 2010

Embossing Tutorial—Scrapbook

For my latest project for Prickley Pear, I was sent a blank chip board book. I was told to "be creative". So for my book I decided to make it a idea book. I love to emboss. So this entire book is about all the different ways to emboss.

Close-up of Cover
Page 1- Embossing with Embossing powders
Page 2- Embossing with Embossing folders
Page 3- Embossing on buttons with Embossing powders
Page 4- Embossing on flowers with Embossing powders
Page 5- Embossing Acetate
Page 6- Embossing Metal
Page 7- Embossing with UTEE
Page 8- Embossing with other mediums
Inside back cover with my stamp
Back Cover
It was really fun to make this book. It shows different ways to emboss.
I hope you try something new the next time you emboss!

All stamps in this book are Prickley Pear. Please visit their blog to learn more.



  1. This is fabulous Jennifer! I have to start mine. I have an idea but need to get going on it. Yours is awesome! Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. This is so cool! I want one.

  3. What a super book, Jennifer! I love to emboss also and I enjoyed all your variations. Plus it's just eye candy to look at. Great job!


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