Friday, March 12, 2010

I need your help! Prizes involved.

I bought some stamps at a recent used stamp sale and 
for me to be able to use them on cards, 
I need to know who made them.

That is where my wonderful readers come in!
Can you help me find out who made all of the stamps shown here?

Click on the picture and it will get larger for you. 
I will give away a surprise, prize to all of those who help me find out. 

It looks like the birds/tree, cow and girl in overalls are the same maker...
but I have no idea who it is.  Found out they are from High Hopes.
The phone and scissors look like they are from the same company too.

Chinese Take out box -Jim Stephen
China 1916 sealed and the Cheshier cat are both from Stamp Fransisco.

Just leave me a comment, with a vaild email (so I can get your prize to you).

Thank you in advance for all your help.


  1. Hi Jennifer,

    The cow one is from High Hopes called Party Cow. I think the girl is from High Hopes also (still looking).

    I will look for the others as well.

    :) Glad to help a fellow stamper.

  2. Me again, the girl one holding the broom is from High Hopes called Tidy Up Tillie

    If you click on the links I've provided it will take you to it. Scroll down and you will see.

    Still looking for the others.

  3. The bird set is all from High Hopes. On their site it lists them seperately. Here is the link They are all on the same page except for the tree. Just scroll. The flying bird is called "Flying Birdie" and the sitting one is called "Perched Birdie". The sentiment is also on the same page and from High Hopes.
    The nest is called "Nest" from High Hopes.

  4. Ok, so I finally found that the cat is from "Stamp Francisco". The cat is called Cheshier Cat.

  5. The oriental vase by the asian writings is called "China 1916-Officially Sealed" by Ivory Coast Trading Poste which is also a line from Stamp Francisco.

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  7. the chinese take out box is by Jim Stephen. I think it sells as a set or just by itself.

  8. Looks like I can't find any of the other stamps. I will keep trying and post here if I find them. shengvang at rocketmail dot com



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