Saturday, June 19, 2010

So beautiful!

Day 1 at the retreat.

This place is much more beautiful in person than
the pictures show. I have been taking a lot of pictures
but I'm not familiar with this computer, so I'm
not sure how to upload them.

Maybe later today I will investigate it a little more.

I have not gotten much done.
But do you really get much done
at a retreat? Not that I expected to.

Later today the girls (all 12 of us) are going
to go "into town" and go to a scrapbooking
store and out to eat. That will be a lot of fun.

I have met a lot of really wonderful fun girls at
this retreat. Now when I do swaps and other things
with them online, I will be able to put a
face to the name.

Kathie and I went to garage sales the whole way here.
We left Maple Grove at 7:00 Friday morning
(knowing it would take us only about
1.5 hours to get to the retreat).

We were following what the GPS was telling us.
Finding out 3 hours into the trip, she was telling us wrong.

Oh well....we found a lot of garage sales and ended up getting
to the retreat house about 3:00...YES for a 1.5 expected route.

We'll breakfast is ready. Gotta go eat, like
I have not been eating every half an hour.

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