Monday, August 9, 2010

Playing a little catch-up

Oh boy, I have not blogged about everyday life for a while.
I thought that I will show you a few things that I've been up to.

A few finds, a few deals, and a few studio changes.

I'll start with this awesome find...
A whole huge bag full of unmount and cling mounted stamps
(mostly flowers and leaves) for 25¢ at a church sale!
This is only about 1/2 of them. I weeded out the ones I will not use
and I will sell them at a stamp sale in March.

New to me Slice!
After seeing the Slice work at CHA I know I needed one.
I have the Cricut, but NEVER use it.
SO I asked a girlfriend who has one, is she liked it..
and funny, she did not use it (she's a scrapbooker)
and she just bought a Cricut.

Day late dollar short, we could have just traded. We did still end up trading
6 Cricut cartridges for the Slice. I think that was a fair trade.
So now I need to get some more cartridges for the slice.
I hope I will love it!

New bracelet!

Nicole made it for me. I picked out the beads, but she made it.
Thanks Nicole

New lunch bag.
I NEED to control what I am eating.
to keep my Fibromyalgia under control.

I am supposed to "snack" all day long to
keep my energy leveled out.
This bag has a thin re-freeze cooler thing,
so I can keep it at my desk all day.

It has room for 4 snack tupperware containers
and room for my sandwich.

We'll see if this will help.

Studio clean up!
Old back wall. See to the right the file cabinets
with huge totes on top of them...

I consolidated the totes and put them and the
file cabinets in the closet. I bought another Expedit shelf
from Ikea and put it on top of the other horizontally.
I also got a few more pink "boxes" for the cubbies.

Putting them horizontally, made it so I have a lot more room
on top for display. I moved my tinsel tree up there, and my old retro
suitcase that I store all of my done cards in.

I also got a new shelf (from Ikea) for all of my stamp sets.
See the tall thin shelf on the left of this picture.
As you know I unmounted all of them and put them in CD cases.
Then I moved my "shoebox" shelves in the corner up against the wall.

Old candy jar for all of my flowers. So colorful and fun!

Sewing machine now right behind me under my window.

Enabler alert!!!
New Cuttlebug folders!

I visited a scrapbooking store that I have not been to since 2006.
Scrapbooks Too, in Bloomington. They had in the new folders,
Oh my goodness, how smart! Cuttlebug has started
selling the new folders in sets of four, not singly anymore.
It cost a little more, but this way I could buy the ones I want
not the whole set for only the one or two that I want.

5 X 7- Bumble Bees, Art Deco, Pears
5.5 X 4.25- Rays (Tim Holtz) and Mushrooms.


  1. Fun fun fun! Love all of your new goodness!! :)
    Hugs~ Kim

  2. OH Jennifer, I can't wait for your garage sale!! Let me know. :)

  3. oh i am loving your craft area girl!! ispy ribbon hanging down to the the fur babies love that eh? lol


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