Monday, September 6, 2010

Something Wicked this way comes....

So on Saturday and Sunday I stood in line trying to get
Wicked tickets through a Lottery.

No luck.

I had to go downtown 3 times. (About 15 miles away) not a long way, but to figure out the parking was crazy. I really want to see Wicked again, and I want Jon to see it. The theatre is offering rush tickets before each show, and you have to arrive 2.5 hours early to get your name in a bucket and then they only pull out 10 names for the winners. the first time I went there were about 75 people waiting. The second time...a little more maybe 125. and then yesterday there were at least 200 waiting to try to get tickets. Each time only 10 tickets were available. But if you are the lucky ione, you only have to pay $25.00 a ticket compared to 120.00 and the tickets that you can win are in the first 6 rows! The best in the house.

Maybe I'll try later this week?

So instead of seeing Wicked for now, I made this card...enjoy!

I hope you are having fun with the Prickley Pear Blog Hop.

Don't forget to stop by the PP blog and see what they are showcasing each day.

Here is another card I made with the Pumpkin Die-Cut and stamp set.

I can't believe that Halloween is right around the corner.

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