Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Stamps!

These stamps are so awesome! They are by Toomuchfun Rubberstamps. It was a product that I had NEVER seen before! I was just amazed when I went to the stamp show a couple weekends ago.

How these work.....

They are two sided
so one side is the pocket
and the other side is the insert
So you fold up a piece of paper and stamp the pocket side onto the fold of the paper. And using a toothpick glue the sides with a thin line of glue.
Trim out the insert and place inside the pocket you just created.

Presto! a fun pocketed note card.
Here is another one I bought...

I did not have any real "baby" stamps so when I saw this I just had to have it. What a great note card for a shower or announcement. You can color it for a boy or a girl.

They had about 12 different designs all so very cute. And I thought the price was just right. Regular $18 each on sale for $12.00 each. Go check out the website for all of the other deigns they have. You will see shirts that open, boxes you can make and purses that fold, that you can decorate. So INGENIOUS!


  1. oh these are great! I love the baby cradle one - so cute!! ♥

  2. Hi Jennifer!
    Just be-bopping by.
    What a find. Those are some cool stamps. I've never heard of them.
    Love what you made with them!



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