Thursday, January 22, 2009

What I love and collect...

and only buy at thrift stores and garage sales.

Birds (mostly Goebel)
Cows from plastic farm sets (just the cows)
Hand painted pictures of houses and buildings (under 12")

Hand painted pictures of cats (under 6")
Shiny Brite ornaments

Things with cherries on them
Martha Stewart Magazines (I have almost all of them, missing first 2)
Caldecott winning childrens books
Fransican "Starburst" pattern dishes
Anything with the entire alphabet on it.
Charm bracelets (someone's entire collection)
Crystal brooches (only clear/white)

50's holiday decorations (christmas, halloween... etc.)


  1. Jen!!! These broaches are AMAZING!!! I have two clear rhinestone broaches from the 50s...I found the for only $6 at a crazy little store in "downtown" Anoka. I LOVE THEM...and yours are beautiful. I wear them, I don't care if people don't get it...they are so feminine.

  2. Thanks. I love them too. I wear mine too. I don't care. I love them. Gotta love downtown Anoka (I went to Anoka HS).

  3. I am DROOLING over your crystal brooches!!! I have a few that I wear as brooches, a few I added to some vintage chain, a few I glued to various things...

    All of your collections are great!!!

  4. Thanks! I love them too. I have one huge one that I currently wear on my winter coat.

    That is a great idea to add them to a chain.

    I'm trying to figure out how to make something so I can wear them in my hair. Enjoy! Jennifer

  5. Love the shiny brights and cool they are in the original boxes. I dig them when they are all orderly in a row and the boxes have those great graphics! wish I would have know you needed the first two MS mag - I donated my whole collection a few months ago - was taking up way too much space.

  6. I loved seeing your photos - I also love things with cherries on them - my kitchen is full of them and jars of old glass Xmas ornaments and some old shiny brite boxes are in the closet for display at Christmas and I also have several old clear rhinestone brooches and about 15 flower frogs. I own several old M Stewart mags too. Most importantly I have 3 cats: T.C., Jackson & Duncan who is 8 and a gray/black short haired tabby. He has only the normal # of toes though. I wish you continued success with your search for all the above delights - all smile producers.


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