Monday, February 23, 2009

Finds #3

So I ended up at a couple thrift stores this weekend. One because my girlfriend and I ended up getting lost (no, not lost... going out of our way). While trying to get to a scrapbooking crop. We found this really cute thrift store with unbelievable prices. We also stopped at old reliable Salvation Army. Here's what I found:

Great old corsages, the one with white and pink flowers is made for a expectant mother to wear at her baby shower, it's made of baby socks. And the other one is just way cool. I'm not sure what I am going to do with them, but could not pass them up for 99¢.

Two Glitterville Dept. 56 hat boxes. Department 56 made this line for Halloween (but you could keep these out all the time), I have found quite a few pieces while out thrifting, and now seem to have a small collection. For 25¢ each, brand new in the box.

My other "could not leave the store with out" finds.
Pavlova Linen wall hanging, great graphics and wonderful pink color.
Glass bunny
Old mini pastel Easter baskets
Fuzzy pink duck
50's Heart game
Small ABCDE chalkboard
Wrislets used for holding wrist corsages
Warning...utilitarian purchase, Fiskers paper trimmer blades

...and that cool old "look what we found" dry cleaners bag was used at one of the thrift stores for wrapping up breakables (I should have asked if I could buy a few from her).

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