Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Random Vintage Find

About 3 years ago my DH and I took a walk in our neighborhood and stopped at garage sales that we'd come upon. One of them had this great old gate door... that I fell in love with. He said I could get it only if i had a use for it. So trying to think of something I decided that I'd use it for the Doorknob Bags (here's a sample) that my mom and I were selling at city festivals. It was the perfect use for the gate, we could get all of the designs up for our customers to see.

Then Mom and I decided not to do festivals anymore and I had this gate that went to my mom's house (we were in a apartment at the time). It stayed there for 2 years, until DH and I bought a house. When we started to decorate our bedroom I knew exactly were I was going to use the gate! Thankfully I have a very open minded DH, that did not mind the whole "shabby chic" look. I cleaned up the gate, showed him where I wanted it hung and....

I often change the pictures on it, so it ends up being a revolving piece of artwork. I also add scrapbooking titles and frames over the pictures. You can find that pennant on my Etsy site. My next project is to alter those clothes pins (you'll probably see a tutorial of that somewhere down the line ;)

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