Saturday, February 21, 2009

Magnetic Chalkboard Wall

Ever since I was little I've always wanted to paint a wall with the chalkboard paint. My dad even bought a can when it first come out (and it was only available in green). It still sits unopened downstairs with the rest of the paint (going on 23 years now). Now that I have my own home I can make that want happen. When we bought this house I knew EXACTLY which wall I wanted to paint. We have this narrow wall in our dining room that is on the side of our pantry, PERFECT for the chalkboard paint.

I went to the local home store to pick up my one can of chalkboard paint, to find out that now it came in Black, great, because our kitchen/dining room is 50's (I have an old chrome dining set that was my grandparents), and the black matched better. I also found (right next to it) a can of Magnetic primer. Oh... I was thinking.

So this is what I did. First I sanded down the wall really good, and then washed it. After it was dry I used the Magnetic Paint as a primer... UNDER the chalkbaord paint! So after the 2 coats of magnetic paint dried, I put about 4 coats of chalkboard paint over it. So I have a...


I hope you guys find some great uses for this treatment. In a kids room (would be great on closet doors) or on the side of a old wood box.


  1. Oh my . . . I did not even know magnetic paint was available. I am sitting here with new papers from Graphic 45 thinking it would be cool if I could use the paper to create a magnetic board. I wasn't sure how to do it until I read your post. How awesome is that! Thank you!

  2. I love your chalkboard! I have a wall at the end of my cabinets very similar to yours. I've been thinking of making it into a chalkboard. I have the paint. Just got to get motivated to get it done.

  3. It's so very cute & useful! I have tried the magnetic & chalk paint on an old hanging wall cupboard door and it the magnetic did have much power. ??? Do you have any suggestion? I can't remember if we did 1 or 2 coats.
    Always enjoy seeing your projects!


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