Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Studio

As promised...

The info:
  • Room is 10x10. 
  • Just painted it baby pink (used to be grey...very drab, not a good creative space). 
  • Natural light not so good. Have an OTT-Lite at my desk. 
  • Computer is downstairs (husband and I are graphic designers) have more room down there for all the computer "stuff". 
  • I have 2 sewing machines (one preloaded with white, the other with black) under my desk... just pull them out when I need them.

  1. Retro brown garbage ($1) can holds my large rolls of paper. Green shelf bought at a store clearance sale ($25)
  2. Doorknob Bag holder. Peg for current holidays, basket for all others
  3. Alphabet collection
  4. Buttons buttons buttons, as you'll see I have a lot. I keep them in old jars. Vintage lace is wrapped around the middle of a retro drinking straw holder (the kind you pull up)

5. Jennifer made of glitter letters from JoAnns, strung together with ribbon
6. My door. Clothes pins holding some fun things. Big "J" on sale at Archivers ($7)
7. My chandler, from WalMart. I hung all my baskets on pegs over my closet

8. All of my "little things" grommets, brads, ribbon etc... shelves are from Ikea
9. Clipboards (as mentioned in previous blog) 3 different. One for pattern scraps, one for solid and last for Cricut.
10. Cafe curtain rod with clips. Hold fun pages and other things I want to reference a lot

oops... two #10's... you can figure it out!

10. Close-up of boards and rod...oh, and the cool holder for stamp pads is an old VCR tape holder...perfect size for the stamp pads
11. Close-up of little things (brads, eyelets) organization I use Artbin Prism they are the perfect size, stackable and clear
12. A cool basket I found (yes, garage sale $1) for my 6 x 6 paper and 5 x 5 fabric "charm packs" (here's a sample) I use a lot of these scrapbooking

13. Wire 3-tier basket (bought here). The punches I use often are here

and no #14 oops again :)

OK...so I am a little organized. I'll admit it.

15. My wall o'organization the left white shelfs are Ikea Expedit. White drawers are Jetmax Modular Storage. The Middle wood shelves are also Ikea Ivar with a lot of extra shelves, I use plastic shoe boxes 5.4 Lt. to organize all of my "other" things (I bought mine 10+ years ago at Walgreens). Each thing has its own box i.e. glue, tape, garland, punches, popsicle sticks... you see where this is going :)
16. Button storage (I will do a blog about this)
17. My favorite thing in my room. My vintage foldable laundry cart (similar one here, this one does not fold-up). I got this for $1 at a church sale, not knowing what I was going to do with it, but I knew I just HAD to have it. It has been a life-saver, it holds all my 12x12 paper (in clear cropper hopper storage boxes) I had a hard time finding these, but they work really well for me and my tool tote. On the handle of the cart I have binder rings with items I use frequently, like stickers, ribbon, tags, etc.

Awesome "jar holder" I got at a flea market in Detroit Lakes. I think it was $30.00. Well worth it! Love it!

These are my garbage cans. I am showing you these because I recycle right in my studio. One for paper (only scraps too small to use-see clipboards for other scraps). And the other for trash. I did not like the look of a "garbage" can, so my trash can is a flower bucket full of patina and all.

My "create" board. I covered a regular bulletin board in fabric that matches my room. On it I post all sorts of things that give me ideas and inspiration. Pictures, magazine clippings, etc.

I found this other flower holder at a garage sale along with the "J" hook. I made a tag that says paintbrushes and wrapped a piece of paper around it, and now it holds my paintbrushes and my flag collection.


  1. I don't understand the laundry basket can you do a close up? Your room is great! I wish you could organize me

  2. It is more of a laundry cart from a laundry mat. Mine the basket comes off and folds up, as do the legs.

  3. Roaming 2Peas in a Bucket and ran across the pics you posted of your room. Love the room . . . especially the 3 wire basket.

  4. Thanks it took a LONG time to get it this way. Always a work in progress.

  5. I too saw your room in 2peas. Lots of good ideas! I loved your jars and jar holder. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Complete and utter perfection!!! Thanks for sharing!!


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