Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Scrap paper flowers

I never throw anything out that I think I just might need/use some day. I have clipboards on my wall with clear pockets clipped on them to hold paper scraps (see my studio blog) picture #10. One for patterned paper, one for solid colors and one for Cricut cut-outs that were the wrong size or color. I noticed over the weekend that the patterned one was really really full. So, I decided to make these cute funky flower embellishments with those pieces that were too small for scrapbooking. I used the scallop punch from Stampin' up and the two circles were Fiskers medium and large. I cut out about 100 of each punch and just started combining them. I tried to make sets of 4, so that they matched. I found some great combinations, and some that did not turn out so good. But hey, at least I used up all my scraps. I am going to sell these on Etsy. I ended up with about 23 wonderful sets. Each a little different then the next.

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