Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March of the Tools Tuesday tip re-do

This Tuesday's tip is...
Using a 1" flat iron (made for your hair) to iron ribbon.

I use ribbon a lot in my crafting and it is stored in cardboard cards in a Prism Box, so when it comes to using it, it is wrinkled more often than not.

I found that it is a lot quicker to heat up my flat iron than the full size iron.
The ribbon MUST NOT contain any plastic (should be silk, cotton, twill or something natural).

Your iron should be on a medium setting. And you need to clamp it quite tightly while you slowly pull your ribbon through it. A thicker ribbon might take a couple of times to iron, but it is a lot easier to pull it through, than getting out the ironing board and iron.


  1. what a good idea!! who did your blog? I love it!!! big mermaid hugs


  2. Thanks...I figured it out in a moment of despiration.

    I bought the background from houseof3...I love it.



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