Thursday, February 5, 2009

Potato masher-photo/recipe card holder might think I'm crazy (maybe just a little). But, you have to admit I am resourceful.

Look at this! Super easy and inexpensive. Find an old potato masher (you must have one just lying around). The older the better, I like the chipped paint and rusty metal. And grab yourself a clothes pin (the clip type). I chose to paint my clothes pin white (to match the handle of the masher). Heat up your trusty hot-glue gun and glue on the clothes pin (clip side up).

All done! Now you have a great holder for anything from pictures to recipe cards.

I can't wait to do that red-tipped handle one


  1. Cute..can't help but wonder if that is why I can't find a vintage masher? LOL I like using one of these instead of the mixer. Just like we used to:)

  2. Probably. They are harder and harder to find. I too like to use them instead of my mixer. It creates just the right consistency.


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