Friday, February 6, 2009

Watch Face Brooches

Have you seen this? What a wonderful project that I found over on Just Something I made. I tried it last night here's how mine turned out.

So I wanted to try it. I did mine a little different. I had an old wrist watch face with the glass. I dug around all my collections of things and found a few little items to put in it, like a "j" charm, a old watch face, and some crystal beads. I glued a bright piece of paper in the background with mod podge, and then layed all my pieces inside. I used Diamond Glaze to set everything (if you get any bubbles make sure to pop them right away, this also needs to dry overnight). After it was all dry I added a few buttons and little things unglued (so they would move around). I put the front glass piece back on and pushed everything back together. I attached it all to a large pin I had and added some ribbon that matched the items inside. I purchased my old watch at a garage sale a while back and just know I would use it for something someday. I have a few smaller watch faces (as well as a pocket one like the web-site I found this idea on) that I am going to alter.

I hope you try this. It was a lot of fun and it made a keepsake that will last forever.


  1. Jen that is so beautiful are you sell them?

  2. I'm not sure yet. I have to perfect the system, and find more watches.


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