Saturday, February 7, 2009

Making your own brushed silver brads

After not finding the brushed silver brads I had just bought (and needing them for a project), I decided to try do it myself. As you'll see it is pretty easy and a lot less expensive then buying them. You can purchase brass brads (paper fastners) at any office supply store, and they are a lot cheaper than buying them at the scrapbook store. Here is a place you can buy them. All you'll need is the fastners and a sanding block. It is really easy...just sand the brass color off until the silver comes through. No need to sand anything but the top and sides of the top because you will not see the tabs behind whatever you are inserting it in.

You can also add color to the just sanded brads by using StazOn ink. Just rub the head of the brad in the ink, let dry... and you've created a colored brad.

Before and After

You can see how I use these brads here.

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