Sunday, March 29, 2009

6 hours, 5 thrift stores

Thrift Finds #4

While my DH was at a conference all day, I decided to ask my MIL if she wanted to go thrifting. We ended up going to 5 thrift shops in about 6 hours. And stopping for lunch at this great local 50's diner...called the 50's grill. Had a wonderful burger, and can't leave there with out having a slice of cake or pie. We split a piece of lemon supreme cake.

Here are my finds for the day. Did not find much, the stores were really busy!

What I found:
  • A great wire basket
  • Ruffled trim with 1234 blocks in blue running along the edge
  • Wide eyelet lace
  • a ruler (for my mom who collects rulers)
  • a letter game (for scrapbooking)
  • small bingo cards (had to buy the whole kit, but I just kept the cards)
  • My new loves these old cards, that are small note size, but I love how they are printed and the paper they are on
  • a hankie for a girlfriend
  • and some jewelry... Rhinestone pins for my collection and a bar pin for my mom and a great retro flower

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