Tuesday, May 26, 2009

100th post! Tuesday Tip: Ribbon Rings

I used to store all of my ribbon in a binder clip or in a basket. But lately (or as I am getting older) I can't keep track of the brands of the ribbon. So I was in my LSS and found this great product for organizing ribbon called the ribbon ring. And knew that would help me both organize, and keep track of the brands. I knew I would need to label it somehow (because these did not come with a place to label them). I had some Avery 5267 address labels that were just the right size. This is what I did...

It did not come with the ring (it came with a piece of ribbon) but book rings are easy to get from your LSS, or like most of us, we have one in our stash.

Now I have to figure out all the brands of the ribbons that I did not still have the packaging for... it is going to be a task, wish me luck.

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