Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Thrift Finds

I was able to get out over the weekend. It was a busy weekend. My Dad had to have open heart surgery on Friday. My Mom, my Brother and I were at the hospital all day. Every thing went really well. We're lucky he's super healthy and had no symptoms. He just went in for a yearly exam and the Dr. recommended that he have a stress test. So he did and that's where they found out that he had 5 blocked arteries. But he's all fixed now and might even be able to come home tomorrow. Medicine these days... amazing.

Anyway... here are my finds from the weekend. One of my favorite thrift shops opened their "christmas boutique" for the year, and I was so excited. Some of the prices were a little higher than normal, but I love everything I found.

Shiny Brites, old ribbon, vintage kitchen towels, Hallmark party invites, and napkins and a plastic creche (to add to my collection)

Awesome gold deer (don't know if they are old or not), another plastic creche, some stenciled shiny brights and plastic cookie trays

Oh yeah... and another great tinsel tree.


  1. Hi Jennifer :) Sorry to hear about your dad, I hope he is on his way to a speedy recovery!

    Your finds are wonderful treasures, have fun with your new items!

    Thinking of you, Jennifer :)

  2. oh some cool finds.... that must be a fancy thrift store that they have a xmas boutique... LOL!!!

    -- dalis


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