Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Thursday! It's Stamps and Smiles day

This weeks card was a little challenging for me (I guess that is why it is called a challenge :-| ). Here is the sketch we were to follow:

And here is what I came up with:

OK so I added a window...but where else were we going to see Cuppy? This way you can watch her decorate the Christmas tree. I have been looking for that "branch" punch (the one my wreath is made from) made by Martha Stewart for the longest time. I checked Michaels every time I went...nothing. NOTHING on Martha Stewarts online craft store either...what? Where are people getting it? I checked Ebay, found a couple but the shipping was too expensive. Then, you'll never believe it...I was at my local WalMart picking up my spruce tops for my outdoor planter ($4.00 cheaper than anywhere else, still almost the cost of a whole tree, really $16.00 for just 5 tops. But I paid it). Anyway, I remembered that Walmart carried Martha Stewart craft supplies. Yep! They had it. I was so excited. The only difference between the one I got and the ones they sell at Michaels is that it has a light green casing instead of white. So if you are looking for it too, try Walmart.

Have a great rest of your day!


  1. i didn't know Walmart sold MS! thanks so much and i am glad you found your punch. i found mine at a yard sale months ago *go figure* your take on the sketch is awesome! love seeing Cuppy threw the window :0) (i couldn't get the house to work so used a bridge! lol)

  2. it's so beautiful cuppy threw the window
    hugs Akkina

  3. What an adorable card and design Jennifer :) I LOVE your fun house and how Cuppy is peeking through the window.

    Hugs, Jennifer :)

  4. Oh Jennifer, your card is just so cute! I love how you can see Cuppy thru the window! Darling!


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