Monday, August 2, 2010

My CHA Adventure

My travels begun at 11:50 a.m. on July 25th.
I left my driveway with the car headed in the direction of Chicago.
Following Hwy 94 to Hwy 90.
Oh boy, what was I getting myself into.
I have never driven this long all by myself.
Actually I have not driven more then 1.5 hours by myself.

While I was listening to the radio on full blast,
I kept track of some of the neat things I saw on the way,
as well as when I stopped to stretch.
I hit the Wisconsin border at 12:42 mile 41.
Yes, it took me an hour, because I had to take the long way around,
the highway I would have taken was shut down for repaving.

One of the first neat things I saw was a old Pink Cadillac
just as I entered Hudson Wisc. 12:55 Mile 45.
On the Highway just about 10 miles to Crystal Caves Wisc.
I saw a crop dusting helicopter. It came really close to the cars on the highway.
In Hammond Wisc. I saw a all black cow in the middle of a cleared pasture.
And I looked a little past the cow and the rest of them were standing along the filed where it was not cleared. It was try it first, I bet you!.

So funny.

83 Miles into the trip I took a rest at the Menomonie wayside rest.
I certainly needed to stretch. At 1:52 and 109 miles I was in Eau Claire Wisc.
I think this was 1/3 of the way. 2:04 125 miles I saw that gas was $2.84/gal
(I filled up at home for $2.65/gallon). I also went through a town
called Osseo, Wisc. I never knew there was an Osseo, Wisc.
I live in Osseo, MN.

Another funny things I saw was a huge orange metal moose in
Majestic Pines, Wisc. Mile 155 2:32 pm
Next rest stop was 162 miles at 2:48 pm I stretched for
about 20 minutes

Outside Morrison, Wisc. I saw a RV with Mr. and Mrs (something)
Stricker huge on the back of it. I took some photos of it on the phone,
but have no clue how to get them off of my phone :) That was
mile 269 4:21 pm

275 miles I had to stop at a super Target to refuel my tummy.
I bought 2 more boxes of Little Bite Chocolate Shredded wheat.
(that was my snack the entire time) I love them. I also bought a
bag of mini carrots. Ate them for dinner.

The last note I took was at 6:34 pm mile 321 Whitewater, Wisc.
I saw a very cute donkey in the middle of a heard of sheep.

I arrived at McHenery, Illinois 7:24 pm. A loooooong trip.

Total to and from 767 miles. My little Toyota did really
really well on the MPG's.

Now onto seeing some of what I saw.

Jennifer took me to Fannie May.
She just HAD to get some chocolate

Arriving at CHA,
Lucky I had a Handicap parking permit, so we got to park close.

It was dark in there so my camera had a few issues.
But here we are eating a little lunch before we go in. WE need the energy!


Jennifer and Brittney

So cool.

Making Memories booth

View from the resting table.

Look at all those Shiny Brites
(Tim has a christmas paper that has retro
images on them, including Shiny Brite)


Cute Tim Holtz boxes

More of the show floor

I hope you enjoyed my little glance of my CHA trip.

CAn't wait for next year!!!


  1. Lovely write up Jen! I love it! It was so nice meeting you, you truly are like a sister to me! :) I hope we can meet up often to hang out!
    Big Hugs~ Kim


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