Monday, August 2, 2010

Newly remodeled...

Old back wall. See to the right the file cabinets
with huge totes on top of them...

New: I consolidated the totes and put them and the
file cabinets in the closet. I bought another Expedit shelf
from Ikea and put it on top of the other horizontally.
I also got a few more pink "boxes" for the cubbies.

Putting them horizontally, made it so I have a lot more room
on top for display. I moved my tinsel tree up there, and my old retro
suitcase that I store all of my done cards in.

I also got a new shelf (from Ikea) for all of my stamp sets.
See the tall thin shelf on the left of this picture.
As you know I unmounted all of them and put them in CD cases.
Then I moved my "shoebox" shelves in the corner up against the wall.

Old candy jar for all of my flowers. So colorful and fun!

Sewing machine now right behind me under my window.


(I had to improvise on my Copic storage using an old VCR tape holder with a cardboard wedge under them to keep them from falling out.
But as you can see not all my stamp pads fit in it anymore. And who doesn't ever buy more stamp pads? Not me! I need room for expansion.)


Love it!
I was on a blog that I frequent and I came upon this great storage made specially for Copics! I don't have that many yet, but now I have room for when my collection grows. But as you can see you can store other things besides the Copics in them. The great things is that the shelves are slightly tilted back so the markers stay in the cubbie.

Please give Tami a visit at Studio 3 Solutions (her husband's the one who's making them, right here in the USA!). And they are really affordable. If you visit, please tell Tami "Hi" for me.

Before the remodel:
Some of the items are still the same.

So please stay a moment and see where I create!

This is my back wall, I tried to put 3 pictures together to show the whole wall.

If you have any questions on a particular item, or what to know where I got something, or what a certain item is, please e-mail me.


  1. OMG... OMG... OMG... WOW Jen, you have an amazing craft room! I LOVE how you organized everything and I LOVE that your room is pink too!

    Enjoy your NEW space, can't wait to come up and craft in it sometime!

    Hugs, Jennifer :)

  2. OMG I love your space! and you are so organised! I am so jelouse!!!! It's beautiful xxx

  3. what a beauty of a room everything so organized.

  4. WOW. Do you hire yourself out? ;-) I especially love the metal basket holding mason jars! I have some vintage wooden holders (made to hold window box planters) that might work perfectly for holding jars. I just have to dig them out of the Garage Where Cars Can't Park. Thanks so much for the inspiration! -amy

  5. OMG I am in total LOVE! When I build my house can you come and put my room together :) Your studio is AMAZING hun!!! Love it to pieces!!!!
    Hugs~ Kim

  6. 1. AMAZING room!!!
    2. Do you play dates in that room with your friends?
    3. You have given me the visual courage to paint my office pink- thank you!

    Happy Creating!


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