Friday, December 17, 2010

My work space at my actual work

Boy, this was a long week. How did it go for you?

Welcome to my everyday world!
I have had a couple people ask about my work space.

Well..... here it is. My life in a cube.

This is the curtain I have up that I pullover when I am either really busy and can not be interrupted or am eating lunch at my desk, but lately I have had it shut to keep IN the warm air. Our office is cold, and it really does help to shut my curtain.

The walls of my cube. Ruler star. Pictures in matching frames. Things to make my cube cute.

My computer. It is a MAC (LOVE MACs) and my two monitors. Lunch on the desktop. Big diamond under my monitor on the left. A lot of paper samples all over.


  1. jennifer..thanks for sharing your space with us. it does looks cozy and love that big diamond.;p


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