Monday, March 7, 2011

New Stamps!

The stamp sale went well! I sold over half of my stamps that I was selling. I will find out on Thursday how much I sold. A girlfriend and I worked the sale. It was really fun. We also got to buy stamps before the rest of the public. A benefit for working.

Here is what I bought (all for $56.00).

As in past years I need help trying to figure out some of the makers. I have all of the wood mounted ones figured out. I need help with the 5 that are on the CD cases.

Here they are:

Click on images to make larger if you need it.

Please help! I will send you a small gift if you can help me out finding who makes these stamps.

Thanks for all your help.


  1. The chairs in the third one are by Unity. And the second one looks like Tim Holtz.

    The others? Check out these blogs:

    The lady at the bottom is here:

    The pointed finger is here:

    Hope this helps!

  2. Can't help with identifying, but they sure are nice stamps.


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