Monday, April 22, 2013

A card, a huge donut, shopping and fun nails.

This was a weekend of catch-up.

There were a number of things that I NEEDED to get done, 
but I had to have some fun too, right?


My aunt needed a baby card for a shower
she is going to this weekend. 

So this is what I did:


I went for a drive on Saturday and stopped at a local
truck-stop and got my hubby some donuts.

These are not a normal donuts. They are HUGE!!!

Head size huge!


I went to Target with a girlfriend and bought
myself some new binders to organize
my scrap room. The smaller one is for my embossing folders
(see image below).  
I emboss a sample and put it in the book 
(number the sample and the folder the same),
then I can just look through my book
and pick out a folder I want to use. 
The larger one is going to be for my stamp bible.
Once I get that organized I will take photos and show you
how I do that.

Forth and final.
Fun nails. I stopped at the thrift store and bought
a package of these nail "stickers".  I have seen these in the stores
but did not want to buy them for $11.99 so I thought
for $1.99 I would try them.

LOVE them. Super easy to put on. Still not sure I would 
pay $11.99. I guess that is cheaper then a manicure.

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