Thursday, May 23, 2013

So sorry. I know we've been apart for along time.

Lots of changes... New job and a temporary roommate.

I went back to my love, design.
I tried the whole event planning thing
(not for me). And I am housing one of my very very
best friends while she is going through
a little bump in the road.

Needless to say, I need to find time to
get back into my craft studio.

I have been getting my hands a little dirty.
I NEED to be creative everyday to some 
extent or I would go INSAINE!
I bet you guys know what I mean.

I got new daubers for my inks
(specifically my distress inks).

I was starting to organize them by
labeling them with my beloved ptouch.
But, I realized (actually knew)
that I am more of a visual person
and the labeling was not going to work for me.
WASTED labeling tape (oh well).

I needed to label by showing the color,
not just naming the color. 

So I colored a sticky label with the ink and used a
1/2 circle punch to punch out a circle
that I then placed on top of the case. 


I did still use my ptouch to put labels of the color
around the actual dauber.

Now I can see the color I want. WoooHooo!

I hope I inspired you to organize in the
way that works best for you!

Oh, BTW have you downloaded the #abeautifulmess app yet?

It is the best 99¢ I have spent on a app.

It is wonderful! That is how I added the text to the images.

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