Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Did I ever show you this card?

I'm not sure I did. Here's the story with the glow-in-the-dark card. Over on ISC I am trying to sell sheets of glow-in-the-card sticker paper, and no one seems the least bit interested, no one has even looked at the listing. So I decided to make a sample of how you can use the sticker paper and put that image up with the listing. I know it helps me to picture how to use things if someone has given me some ideas... and you know what it did help.

If anyone is interested in a sheet they are $2.00 each (12"X10") plus $1.58 shipping. It is pretty thick (my Fiskars XL star punched worked just fine) and glossy, so you can only use StazOn ink when stamping.


  1. Very interesting! My grandsons would probably love the glow in the dark! I'm thinking halloween cards!!! You have my mind a working!!!

  2. I love the glow in the dark idea....so clever!


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